Wyn Masters conquers the Bike Republic Sölden

Wyn Masters is a Kiwi and a. The standout pro mountainbike rider is constantly on the roam, racing the toughest tracks, filming his infamous shows – and off to the next spot. But Wyn has heard of the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN – a home for anyone who loves two wheels. Utopia or the best nation in the world? Wyn is about to find it out.

For just one moment – imagine you’re a Kiwi. A Kiwi racing the DH World Cup, wearing the wheelie crown, shuttling from one spot to the next. What would you – what would Wyn Masters – wish for? Exactly: a home from home.

How about a place nestling high up in the Alps? A place where elder statesmen maintain the ancient tracks and kids shred shaped lines. A nation where RIDERS RULE and where you get a passport with your lift ticket and the right to vote, too.

It sounds like utopia, but in the Austrian Alps a set of avid mountain bikers have built a nation dedicated to riders: the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN. It’s a state that extensively caters for its citizens and takes care of 15 natural singletracks and 9 shaped lines winding through the jaw dropping scenery of glaciers and meadows.

Watch wheelie machine Wyn arriving in nearby Innsbruck airport as a sceptic. He grabs his new passport, explores the nation on two (and one) wheels, meets with juniors and seniors – and fails to leave. Why?

Find out in “Wyn Masters on Stately Mission – A Kiwi conquers the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN”

More Information: bikerepublic.soelden.com

Also check out Wyn’s Wheelie Wednesday on the glacier road high up above Sölden: instagram.com/p/BlYsHAcFNf_/